Global support for wife of brain injury victim

Alex Wood and his children before accident
Alex Wood and his children before accident

A mother-of-four whose husband suffered a severe brain injury in a rugby match last year has received worldwide support from thousands of people.

Tamsyn Wood, 34, of Cavalier Road, Thame, made an online plea last week via a blog and social networking sites after her benefits were stopped. Since then, she has received support from across the globe, with people raising money for her husband’s rehabilitation fund from as far afield as Singapore and the USA.

Alex Wood, 33, suffered a kick to the head in October last year in Molines, France, after going to his first rugby training session in more than 12 years. This injury led to a blood clot in his brain.

As a result, doctors told Tamsyn the chances of his survival were obsolete. But he survived two operations, came out of a coma and is now beginning to talk, laugh, is eating small, pureed meals, and even taking steps with the aid of a Zimmer frame and physiotherapists supporting him.

He is however blind, has epilepsy and is still in the very early stages of recovery.

As a result, Tamsyn has been left to bring up four children, who are all under the age of eight, alone and she still visits Alex, who she refers to as her ‘soul mate’, on a daily basis at the Oxford Centre for Rehabilitation.

Mrs Wood said: “After the accident, I was left in physical pain. I was literally being torn apart. But the support of my family, friends, church and now all these thousands of people has really been a hand on my shoulder spurring me on.

“If it hadn’t been for my children, I’d have kept a 24-hour bedside vigil beside Alex – I love him, I’m not going anywhere. And he’s made me so incredibly proud.

“All the support I’ve received has been incredible – I’ve never known anything like it. There’s hundreds of people helping in Thame alone. Thank you simply isn’t enough.”