Girls band together and start new musical legacy in Aylesbury

The organising committee
The organising committee

RATHER than complaining that there is ‘nothing happening’ in the town, a group of inspirational Aylesbury teenagers are organising a charity gig night – which if successful is set to become an annual event.

The group of six teenage girls have booked five bands to play a special show at the Limelight Theatre on Friday February 24.

The show will raise money for the Iain Rennie Hospice and it is hoped that next year a new generation of youngsters will follow in their footsteps and arrange a similar event.

Georgina Crane, 16, of Aylesbury, one of the organisers, said: “It’s going to be a good night for teenagers, and it’s raising money for charity for Iain Rennie Hospice. It is made up of a lot of bands, it is mainly kind of indie music which is very popular at the moment. There is a jazz band as well to add a bit of variety. I’m quite excited about it.” Tickets for the show cost £5 in advance and £6 on the door.

Headline act Paper Backs will be supported by New Bays, Richard Sherry And Friends, Patched Up and The Claydons. The idea for the show came from a meeting at the Queens Park Arts Centre, where members discussed how they could increase the numbers of teenagers who use the centre – which offers classes such as rock guitar lessons.

Members gave talks in schools about the possibility of putting-on a charity concert and most of the girls who came forward did not know each other.

Jess Grant 17, of Bierton got involved after hearing about the idea during an assembly. She said: “Its quite challenging, there is lots things to think about. We can have a maximum of 120 people and are we are hoping it will sell out. Sherraine Albert, of Mandeville School, said: “The committee was a chance to meet new people as well as learn about managing events. From joining I have become more confident in myself and I have made new friends.”

Lucy Hart, 17, of Bierton, said: “I’m excited because I have not done anything like this before.

“The biggest challenge has been selling tickets and getting people aware of the gig and enthusiastic about it.”

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