‘Giant Jurassic monster dragonfly terrified my family’

Huge dragonfly which terrified a family in Weston Turville
Huge dragonfly which terrified a family in Weston Turville

This whopper of a dragonfly which sounded like a ‘mini helicopter’ gave a family the fright of their lives.

Molly Wilkinson, 24, was preparing to say goodbye to her goddaughter Isla Parkin, three, and her mum Ellie Shelby, 24 when the trio spotted the bumper beast.

Molly’s mum Rowena, 53, was shocked to hear screams from the kitchen at their Weston Turville home, and raced in to see what was going on.

Rowena, who works as a foley artist in the film industry, said: “I heard this scream and when I ran in this dragonfly was spiralling round.

“I didn’t know whether to take a photograph or run.

“It sounded like a mini helicopter it was that noisy, it was like a Jurassic monster.”

And the black and grey dragonfly, which measured eight inches, really was at the upper end of the scale, as according to the www.dragonflies.org website the creatures typically range between one and six inches long.

After the initial shock of seeing the insect, the family set about freeing it from the kitchen.

Rowena said: “We waited for it to stop a bit and then I had to put my arm through the venetian blinds to open the window. It was nearly as bad as a spider situation and we couldn’t believe how big it was.”

But one of the girls remained un-fazed by the humongous dragonfly’s visit.

Rowena said: “Because Isla is so little she wasn’t frightened at all and was going up to the dragonfly.

“The whole thing was mental.”