Gethin Jones reveals a hazy memory of town

Gethin Jones
Gethin Jones

BLUE Peter and Strictly Come Dancing star Gethin Jones has revealed his only memories of Aylesbury are rather hazy thanks to it hosting his ‘most drunken night’.

The Welsh television presenter made his sole trip as part of a friend’s stag do, but is now trying to inspire some more lasting memories of the Vale in his role as a Sky Ride ambassador, which has set a target of getting one million more people in Britain cycling regularly by 2013, with 688,000 doing so in the last three years.

Mr Jones is no stranger to hitting ambitious goals, holding no less than four world records including pulling the most Christmas crackers within a limited time.

Sky Ride, which Mr Jones has now been involved with for four years, is holding 18 city events in 2012, but this year there is more of a focus on local ones, including a number which are taking place around the Aylesbury Vale between now and October.

The idea is to get anyone and everyone on their bikes regularly.

Mr Jones said: “People of all abilities and ages can get involved, whether they want to use it as a way to get fit or start using their bike as a way to travel to work instead of a car.

“My advice would be just give it a go. If people come along they will love it and hopefully they will become regulars.”

He added that many people are often scared of using their bike because of safety risks, but said there is no need to be, especially with a Sky Ride guide on the scene.

Mr Jones, who has been a keen cyclist since he was young, also hopes good results for British riders in events this summer will inspire people to get their bikes out of the garden shed.

He said: “Kids look up to guys like Bradley Wiggins and Chris Hoy and I hope their success will spark people to get involved.

“Cycling is the second most watched sport in Britain, which just shows it is getting bigger and bigger.

“With sports like tennis it takes a while to get into. With cycling you can just get on a bike and go.”

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