Get to the point on bad sleep

Rhiannon Griffiths
Rhiannon Griffiths

A Thame acupuncturist is highlighting the benefits of her treatment to people who suffer from insomnia.

This year’s Acupuncture Awareness Week next week focuses on sleep and Rhiannon Griffiths, who practices at the High Street’s White House, said: “From a scientific perspective, acupuncture is known to calm the nervous system and increase endorphin production, which is why most patients find treatment so relaxing – many fall asleep whilst the needles are in!

“Whether you have trouble falling asleep at night, or drift off quickly only to wake up in the early hours, if your worries keep you awake, or you just lack energy on getting up, acupuncture can offer some help.”

Rhiannon, who used to work as a receptionist at the former Thame Gazette offices in Swan Walk, is offering free treatment to one lucky person, plus a free online seminar to the public on acupuncture and sleep.

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