Get inspired with animal record breakers in Tring

Children enjoying the exhibition
Children enjoying the exhibition

CHILDREN can model a set of water buffalo horns at a new exhibition which has opened.

It is called animal record breakers and is designed to highlight some of the natural-world’s champions in the run up to London 2012.

The water buffalo’s horns are the longest grown by a living animal – which youngsters can compare with the size of a goats (pictured).

The exhibition also shows how humpback whales travel the furthest by swimming 16,000 kilometres each year, leatherback turtles dive the deepest to reach depths of 1,200 metres, and the male emperor moths’ sense of smell is so good that he can smell a female 11 kilometres away.

Museum spokesman Alice Adams said: “Every four years we watch and marvel as our own species competes for Olympic gold, but the animals featured throughout the exhibition have adapted these amazing skills for survival, and some of the skills are sure to be surprising.

“Visitors will get a chance to discover some animal champions and take part in fun activities.

“Test your target practice skills against those of the famed archerfish, which can spit water one-point-five metres through the air to hit insects with deadly accuracy or see if you can out-jump a kangaroo.”

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