Gayle takes to her bike for charity

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THEY always say life begins at 40 – and Gayle Smith has gone to prove this right by embarking on her biggest ever challenge after reaching the landmark.

The Thame woman used her birthday as a kick-start to sign up to a 400km cycle ride across Kenya, where she hopes to raise £2,800 for charity.

Gayle said: “I turned 40 last year so I wanted to do something that would be a life challenge and motivate me to get fit, which I have been trying to do for years.

“I probably could have paced myself a bit better by starting with an easier challenge but I guess it is a case of in for a penny, in for pound.

“And also it has given me the motivation to get fit – as soon as you get your first sponsor you know there is just no turning back.”

But Gayle knows it will be no easy task – especially dealing with the African heat.

She said: “Sometimes I do stop and think: What am I doing?

“It is quite a challenge juggling the training with home life and a job.”

In preparation for the challenge Gayle has been hard at it, going to spinning classes, the gym and cycling on her bike.

She is taking on the challenge in February in aid of Women Versus Cancer.

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