Fury of UKIP councillor who chairs Crimestoppers after his gun licence is revoked by police

Phil Gomm
Phil Gomm

A UKIP councillor and chairman of Crimestoppers has lodged an appeal after his gun licence was revoked.

Phil Gomm had two shotguns removed by police after what he claims was a false allegation made against him over his suitability to own a firearm.

He runs 150 acre Jersey Farm in Granborough, where he has sheep, horses, cows and chickens and says he needs the weapons to keep pests at bay.

He will now fight through the courts to have the licence reinstated and has threatened to take legal action against the person who made the allegation about his character.

He said: “I am going to fight this because I won’t be wrongly accused of something and not defend myself.

“The whole thing is under review as we speak. There is a process that is being followed, but they know that I am not happy, it’s all based on hearsay.

“I do respect the process and I hope that those people see sense, but I will be making a formal complaint about this afterwards.”

Mr Gomm became chairman of charity Crimestoppers Thames Valley – where people can provide anonymous information to police – in 2012.

He also sits on a scrutiny committee of the work of the Crown Prosecution Service.

He is a UKIP councillor for Aylesbury East on Bucks County Council.

His case will appear for mention at Aylesbury Crown Court on January 14.

Mr Gomm added: “Some people have said I should just take it. But I have been falsely accused, and I want to appeal this because I haven’t done anything wrong.

“It would be awful to think that people could be falsely accused of something, but then just take it.”

“There are a lot of people who are very unhappy about this, but you have to respect that there is a process with these things, lawyers will be involved if needs be.”