Funding boost for The Players Theatre in Thame

Grants for The Players Theatre, Thame -  Cllr Dodds, Mayor Ann Midwinter, Pat Shepherd, Cllr Matelot Green
Grants for The Players Theatre, Thame - Cllr Dodds, Mayor Ann Midwinter, Pat Shepherd, Cllr Matelot Green

Two funding awards have helped to improve facilities at The Players Theatre in Thame.

The Players Theatre welcomed the Mayor of Thame and local councillors from Thame Town Council and South Oxfordshire District Council at a reception held on Wednesday, March 13 to celebrate the completion of two grant-funded projects at the theatre.

Thame Town Council awarded £1,400 towards an upgrade of WiFi equipment at the theatre, including network switches and professional wiring for 11 ports with interconnects.

As a popular community venue, improved technology is essential to the running of the theatre and its efficient and effective operation. The significant WiFi upgrade means that internet access is available throughout the building, enhancing in-house and visiting performances and support functions such as sound and lighting.

Thame Town Council’s grants scheme aims to fund projects addressing the needs of people in the community, supporting initiatives that develop skills, improve health, and revitalise the local environment, enabling people to become more active.

The Mayor of Thame, Cllr Ann Midwinter, said: “We are delighted to be helping The Players Theatre to maintain and improve its facilities so that audiences can continue to enjoy performances delivered with the best technical support. This WiFi upgrade resonates with the council’s desire to improve WiFi availability in Thame and we wish the theatre continuing success now that it has greater access to WiFi.”

South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC) awarded £4,000 from its Councillor Grant Scheme towards the installation of a specialist acoustic door at the theatre. The new acoustic door greatly improves access to the stage and backstage areas for two groups.

The first enables disabled performers, such as wheelchair users, to become fully involved in productions at the theatre, whether as performers or as stage hands. The second enables the movement of large stage equipment on to the stage. This means the theatre is better equipped to put on more ambitious productions, including those from visiting companies and musicians, increasing the variety of entertainment available in Thame.

The Councillor Grants Scheme enables each South Oxfordshire district councillor to award up to £5,000 to projects or services offering community benefits in their ward area.

The Players Theatre award was made within Cllr David Dodds’ grant allowance. Cllr Dodds said: “SODC’s grants scheme seeks to fund projects which benefit the community and enhance the facilities available. The acoustic door project was technically challenging, involving complex electrical adjustments, but now it has been completed, the benefits, enabling access for disabled performers and improving access for equipment, will enhance the theatre as a valuable entertainment resource in the town.”

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