From biggest fine to most popular book, everything you could ever want to know about Bucks libraries

Library books
Library books

Bucks library users racked up an eye-watering £226,000 in fines during the last year.

But a freedom of information request showed that people were let off paying almost £18,000 in fines by the county council.

Service boss David Jones said waiving what amounts to less than 10% of fines was ‘reasonable’ in his experience.

He said fines are often waived due to extenuating circumstances such as users going into hospital or to help someone in financial difficulties continue to use the service.

The figure also includes ‘write-offs’ going back years.

The data also reveals that Kashmir Shawl by Rosie Thomas was Bucks’ most borrowed book, while Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was the most popular DVD.


Registered library users

321,621 (Aylesbury 57,141)

Active users (who borrowed at least one item in last 12 months)

82,026 (Aylesbury 12,496)

Fines issued in last 12 months

Bucks £226,025 (Aylesbury £35,304)

Fines paid in last 12 months

Bucks £196,906 (Aylesbury £28,641)

Fines waived in last 12 months

£17,529.59 (Aylesbury £2,287)

Total fines still outstanding

Bucks £196,276 (Aylesbury £45,032) This include unpaid debts from previous years.

Biggest fine ran-up by a single user in the last 12 months

£190.65 of which £32.85 was waived and all but £3.15 has been paid (Aylesbury £166.95, all still outstanding as this card was reported stolen).

Users fined at least once in last 12 months

45,918 (Aylesbury 6,732)

Number of different books in catalogue (excl reference only)

556,056 (Aylesbury 43,316)

Different DVDs/Blurays

42,352 (Aylesbury 5,661)

Computer games

4,509 (Aylesbury 1,014)


10,587 (Aylesbury 2,497)



Number of items borrowed during last 12 months

2,683,635 (Aylesbury 276,303). Physical items only.

Books borrowed in last 12 months

2,444,006 (Aylesbury 288,453)

DVDS/ Blurays borrowed in last 12 months and income generated

152,415/ £254,767 (Aylesbury 25,705/ £41,598)

Games borrowed in last 12 months and income generated

11,818/ £29,859 (Aylesbury 3,132 /£7,465)

CDs borrowed in last 12 months and income generated?

24,139/ £20,923 (Aylesbury 6,435/£5,262)

Most borrowed book in last 12 months

Kashmir Shawl by Rosie Thomas – 851 loans (as stock is moved between branches it is not possible to narrow favourite items down to branch level)

Most borrowed DVD/ Bluray in last 12 months

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - 1,206 loans

Most borrowed game in last 12 months

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games – 311 loans

Most borrowed e-book in last 12 months

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by JK Rowling – 34 times

Library service staff numbers

138.5 full-time equivalent (Aylesbury 14.86 FTE)

Library service volunteer numbers

482 (Aylesbury 2).

This number relates only to volunteers helping in County run libraries. There are many more recruited directly by community run libraries.

Library income and breakdown in 2012/13

Total: £897,934 (fines and fees £163,202; lettings £77,749; electronic revenue £71,707; grants £14,742; prison service fee £6,240; misc receipts from the public, eg photocopying £511,646; corporate income £52,648

Library revenue costs and breakdown in 2012/13

£7,384,509 (Staffing £3,542,227; premises costs £644,684; materials including books, magazines, online subscriptions, e-books etc £826,346; computing costs £273,809; other supplies and services £431,790; transport £149,035; support services costs £1,516,618

Library capital costs and breakdown in 2012/13

£218,900 (Refurbishments £204,353; other library materials £14,547