Friars legend David Stopps filmed for BBC documentary

Friars Aylesbury founder David Stopps being filmed for a BBC4 documentary
Friars Aylesbury founder David Stopps being filmed for a BBC4 documentary

Last week he turned on Aylesbury’s Christmas lights, today Friars promoter David Stopps was filmed for a BBC documentary on the 1980s pop scene.

Mr Stopps was responsible for booking world famous acts such as Blondie, U2 The Kinks and The Ramones between the 70s and late 80s.

He was interviewed by BBC 4 Music about his times working in the music industry for the show Tales from the Tourbus.

At the Friars offices in Alexander Road, David said he never tires of talking about the good times.

“It was a magical time. I never get bored of talking about the amazing experiences I have had and there is a really interesting history that comes with the music industry of that era.”

The club was originally set up at New Friarage Hall in Walton Street and became famous for its iconic acts, intimate setting and keen audiences.

One particular highlight came on January 29, 1972 where David Bowie performed as Ziggy Stardust for the first time.

David, who recently put on an exhibition called Evolution of Friars at Bucks County Museum, said that the documentary would be a great opportunity to teach younger generations the history of music.

“It is really important with the growth of iTunes and Spotify that people know where the influence in today’s music has come from. A lot of new bands are influenced by acts like David Bowie and The Clash.”

Chris Rodley, director of the BBC 4 documentary, said David was an individual he was really keen to get on board.

“David Stopps was at the top of our list of people we wanted to get involved.

“He was a hugely well known character on the touring circuit and has some great stories.”

The documentar, which is due to be aired in April on BBC 4 Music, will also feature the likes of the Mighty Wild and John Leyton.