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A new free one-to-one health trainer service is being launched to help people make lifestyle changes.

The NHS Bucks Health Trainer Service will help people looking to tackle areas such as stopping smoking, weight management, healthy eating, drinking less alcohol and doing more physical activity.

People are being offering up to six one-to-one sessions to help them develop personal plans and motivate them to begin and sustain new behavioural patterns.

This plan can be reviewed and adjusted to suit people’s changing needs, and is based on what goals individuals want to achieve.

The scheme will be run by health trainers, an administrator and a project coordinator.

The trainers are not qualified to give medical advice, and may suggest people go to see their GP or practice nurse before making any major lifestyle changes.

Trainer Melodie Monroe said: “The health trainer is knowledgeable about local services, groups and activities.

“If all you want is information or to be pointed in the right direction then we can signpost you to other services.

“The Bucks health trainer team can draw from a range of backgrounds in the areas of health promotion, leisure, nutrition and social care to support clients.

“The health trainer aims to improve people’s access to health services and in so doing reduce health inequalities.”

To find out more call 01628857312 or visit