Former bookshop worker writes fairytale first novel

Amanda Fieldsend has written a 'magic-realist' novel
Amanda Fieldsend has written a 'magic-realist' novel

A full-time mum of two who used to work at Thame Book House has released her first novel.

Amanda Fieldsend, 37, worked at the High Street store in the late 1990s while in sixth form at Lord Williams’s School.

Now she has written her own book and remembers being inspired by a course she went on when living in Thame.

Miss Fieldsend, who lives in Brighton with her young family, said: “When I was at school, I was selected to go on a talented young writers course.

“It was a big encouragement because one of the course leaders was a professional writer and it allowed us to think of ourselves as writers.”

The author delayed publishing the book as she was occupied with the upbringing of Poppy, three, and Steven, five but is hoping it is the first of many.

She said: “I wrote it a few years ago now and when the kids came along it got shelved, but I realised how easy self-publishing can be.

“It got into the top 200 recently released books but now I want to keep the momentum going.

“I felt like I had to write it and now I’m making a start on the next one as the children are getting a bit older.”

Miss Fieldsend describes One From The Sea as a ‘magic-realist myth’ in which a love story and a tragic tale are connected by fate.

Manager Brian Pattinson, who has worked at Thame Book House for 40 years, remembers Miss Fieldsend.

He said: “I’m actually quite embarrassed that I didn’t know she had written a book as we see her mother and father in the shop quite regularly.”

“She worked here some years ago on Saturdays and was a very popular girl indeed.”