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A NINE-hole course could be coming to the Oxfordshire Golf Club after a planning application was submitted this week.

It would be a par three course and is set to run alongside the existing 18-hole course at the club.

General manager Tim Pettifer said: “It will give us a lot more flexibility because we have a hotel we have more traffic into the club so it will help us with that.

“It will also boost the junior and ladies’ section at the club.”

The new course is being created by the award-winning American designer Reese Jones, who was the person behind the original 18 holes.

If planning permission is granted then it is expected to take about 12 months to complete and would come operational in 2012.

It has long been in the plans at the golf club as it looks to expand on what it can offer to members. Mr Pettifer said: “We own the land adjacent to our course, so it has been our plan for quite a long time.

“We are always eager to make more facilities for our members.”