Flue fire caused by chimney bird’s nest

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A BIRD’S nest lodged in a school chimney caused a fire on Monday.

The nest, thought to have been built in the structure at Grendon Underwood Combined School over the Easter break, caught fire when the site manager turned the school’s heating on.

By around 8am, three fire engines were called to the scene but officers declared the chimney safe upon their arrival.

Headteacher at the school, Tim Heaton, said: “The fire was due to a bird’s nest, which must have been built during the Easter break, catching fire in the chimney when the boilers in the east block were switched on.

“The firemen declared the site safe on their arrival, so the children were sent up to the top playground from where they went into class at the normal time.

“Two fire engines remained on site to clear the remains of the nest from the chimney and wait for it to cool down and left about 9.30am.

“All the children remained calm and sensible and so lessons started properly straight after register as normal.

“We will be having bird proof covers fitted to the chimneys to prevent further occurrences.”

Mr Heaton has sent out letters to all parents of children at the school givign an explanation of the morning’s events.

Two crews from Aylesbury and one from Waddesdon attended the scene of the fire.

Firefighters used one reel at the scene, ladder and a thermal imaging camera and gave safety advice.

For fire advice visit www.bucksfire.gov.uk