Flood-hit couple make hotel home

Meet the couple who have been living out of a hotel room for the past five weeks since their home flooded.

Up to 80 homes were devastated by floods in the Willows Estate, Aylesbury, on February 7.

Mark and Fiona Bannister at Holiday Inn

Mark and Fiona Bannister at Holiday Inn

So Mark Bannister, 58, and his wife Fiona, 56, have been living at Holiday Inn in Weston Turville since the ground floor of their Bonham Close home was ruined.

Mr Bannister said: “The insurance company are dragging their heels a bit and very little has been done at the house.

“Best case scenario is we will be back in five weeks but then it could be another five weeks of nothing!

“And £10 each day for food barely covers it. Eating out costs a lot of money!”

Mrs Bannister, who must take a strict course of medication after a kidney transplant, said it can be difficult to remember in a ‘strange environment’.

She said: “I need to eat regularly and if I don’t, I can be quite sick and I was for the first four weeks.”

But despite being forced out of their home, the couple are thankful that the hotel staff have been so ‘friendly and understanding’.

Mr Bannister, a freelance photographer and director of rugby at Aylesbury Rugby Club, said: “I can’t praise them enough.

“What would have been quite a distressing time has been made as best as possible.

“They said to us ‘we know you’re here long-term so if you ever want to move room, just say’ and we did last week.

“They even took us around a few rooms and said ‘how do you fancy this one?’ so now we’ve got a sofa which is a bit more homely!”