Flag a flying winner in council’s competition

Thame town flag winner
Thame town flag winner

The winner of a competition to design a new flag for Thame will soon see it being hoisted for all to admire.

Thame Town Council recently held a community town flag competition, which produced 33 different designs from a number of people across the area.

At the annual meeting, held on Tuesday, May 9, the council chose the winning design from a shortlist that had been reduced down to four.

The councillors said they were really impressed with all of the designs and thanked everyone who entered the contest.

The winning flag was designed by Hazel Mann and was chosen for its modern design which reflected the town council’s website.

The winning designer told the council that the wavy lines represent the elements which surround Thame – the blue line represents the River Thame, the white line represents the Phoenix Trail, and the green line represents the countryside.

Hazel said she was excited and proud to be chosen as the winner and is looking forward to seeing the flag being flown.

The flag should be produced in the next few weeks. You can view all of the entries on the town council’s website at www.thametowncouncil.gov.uk/town-flag-winner-chosen.