Fixer experience not all Peachy for photo studio

The Lane family with Alex Polizzi (third from left) during filming for The Fixer
The Lane family with Alex Polizzi (third from left) during filming for The Fixer

The owner of a photography studio which starred in a BBC documentary has hit out at the programme’s ‘creative editing’.

‘The Fixer’ followed family business Peachy Pics as presenter Alex Polizzi tried to help turn around their fading fortunes.

Andrea Lane runs the studio with her daughters Rachel, Nikki and Emma and appeared unhappy with the way they were portrayed.

In response to one person on Twitter who wrote “All three sisters needed sacking”, Ms Lane tweeted: “They make you think what they want to make a good show. Don’t believe everything you see .”

During the filming the studio moves from Friars Square in Aylesbury to set up in 
Wendover. This was because the central square where they were based is being redeveloped into a new pavilion, but this was not mentioned.

Clearly frustrated, Ms Lane tweeted: “In case anyone thinks I have absolutely no business sense whatsoever we did not decide to move from our studios on a whim.

“Friars Square where we were based gave us notice that they were knocking down our units on the second day of filming. They filmed that but neglected to mention it!”

Following the experience, with filming taking place from August until the end of January, Ms Lane said she would not do it again. She said: “Some people say any publicity is good publicity but I’m worried that people will have been put off by how they perceive my daughters and me to be.”

Despite this, Ms Lane was appreciative of some of the business advice. During the programme the company was re-branded as Peach Lane Studios, it took on commercial photography as well as portrait shots and got tips from a professional snapper.

Ms Lane said: “We got lots of good ideas for what we need to do in the future. It’s early days to see how much it helps but we just have to forge ahead and go in the right direction.”

She is now focusing on finishing smartening the Wendover studio, although an opening day has not been set.