Fitness day returns to Thame for the over 60s

Anita Clayton
Anita Clayton

A fitness ‘MOT’ day is being held once again in Thame for people aged over 60.

Last year’s event proved a huge success, with the tests fully booked.

Anyone who would like to attend the Functional Fitness MOT Day and Information Fair at Thame Town Hall on Friday, September 28 are being encouraged to book.

The fitness day will run from 9.30am to 12.30pm, with information stalls to browse for visitors.

The Functional Fitness MOT was developed by the partnership between the Glasgow Caledonian University, the British Heart Foundation National Centre for Physical Activity and Later Life Training.

A physiotherapist, fitness instructor or postural stability instructor will take the participants through seven tests that will give them an indication of their exercise performance.

Each test comes with a set of ‘normal values’ for people of different ages - from 60 to 90 years - and this will give participants an idea of whether they are doing well compared to their peers, or whether they could benefit from being more active.

Participants will have the opportunity to book an appointment, which is advised, or can just turn up.

There will be a list available of local activity opportunities the participants may like to join in with, and some online websites that will give more information.

Organisations invited to attend include AGE UK Oxford including the Community Information Network, Thame Leisure Centre including GO ACTIVE, The British Heart Foundation, Diabetes UK, Dementia Oxfordshire, Occupational Therapy.

Make an appointment for a fitness test with Anita Clayton on 01844 217646.