‘Fit pigs’ produce the finest meat in Thame

What's Cooking in Buttermarket
What's Cooking in Buttermarket

An award winning pig farmer’s meat will be available for free tasters on Saturday.

Jeremy Levell has made a commitment to producing the best charcuterie and his efforts are available at What’s Cooking in Buttermarket, Thame.

Mr Levell, of Forest Pig Charcuterie in the Wyre Forest, said: “Our pigs are fit, not fat.

“They have to work hard to get their food, rather than laze around in a field, and so produce a high quality dark meat with a real depth of flavour.”

Mr Levell’s walnut salami won two gold stars in this year’s Great Taste Awards and was described as ‘artisan charcuterie at its best’.

Keen to preserve Britain’s flavoursome traditional animal breeds, British pig farmers have had to get creative.

Traditional breeds take longer to rear than modern hybrid breeds and do not lend themselves well to intensive farming methods or supermarket shelves.

Mr Level trained in the art of charcuterie in Tuscany and strictly adheres to slow artisan production methods to ensure a greater maturity of flavour.

His pigs lead an entirely natural life.

They are allowed to roam free through tracts of the 6,500-acre Wyre Forest, foraging on a woodland diet of acorns, roots and anything else they can find.