First for town as life-saving defibrillator put in at Thame Barns Centre

Thame Barns Centre
Thame Barns Centre

The first community defibrillator in Thame has been put in at the Barns Centre after a successful fundraising campaign.

Money for the life-saving machine was raised through a series of events over the summer and contributions from businesses in the area.

Now steps are being taken to have defibrillators put in around Thame, with a community group, ‘Staying Alive Thame’, being set up.

Patsy Baker from Thame Barns Centre said: “Several years ago at there was a tragic event here.

“If a defibrillator had been available a life may have been saved.”

Inside a yellow box at the Church Road centre is now a portable iPAD automated external defibrillator (AED) which is available for anyone in the area to use if someone is having a heart attack.

There are around 60,0000 heart attacks in Britain every year.

When someone is fighting for their life, quick action can increase their chance of survival by as much as 50%.

If a person is unconscious with no visible signs of life you should call 999, start CPR and ask someone to run for the iPAD AED.

When you call 999 they will let you know that there is a community defibrillator in your area and give you the access code.

The survival rate following a heart attack decreases by 23% per minute without defibrillation. It is therefore vital that a patient in cardiac arrest is defibrillated as quickly as possible.

In 2009 the UK Resuscitation Council suggested that an AED be available where medical treatment is more than 5 minutes away.

For more information on the ‘Staying Alive Thame’ group search for it on Facebook or call the Barns Centre on 01844 217308.