Firm behind Olympics security fiasco wants to open childrens’ home in Aylesbury

View - 1 Vale Road in Aylesbury - Re: Plan to convert house into children's home
View - 1 Vale Road in Aylesbury - Re: Plan to convert house into children's home

Residents and the town council are against plans for a new children’s home in Aylesbury backed by the firm behind the London 2012 security fiasco.

The G4S scheme proposes converting a Vale Road residence into one that could house up to five children aged 10 to 18.

Children would be in the home either because they are in the care of the local authority, are subject to a court order or an interim care order, have had a foster placement breakdown, have had problems with their family or their parents are unwell.

A number of issues have been raised about the plan, including potential trouble that will be caused by the home and traffic concerns.

There are also already a number of facilities in the area, including the Young Offenders’ Institute and the town council has warned the Vale Road scheme could be one too many.

One objector, Mr P Rogers of Manor Road, said the facility has the potential to add to anti-social behaviour problems.

Another Manor Road resident, Don Valvona, said: “Having a large group of teenagers together can potentially increase disturbance in the area. Conflicts and physical violence will cause an increase of security and law enforcement personnel to the area.

“This will cause fear and anxiety to local residents.”

Other objectors say there are already traffic and parking problems and the care home, which will employ 15 people, will add to this.

G4S, which already runs eight similar homes, said the aim is to provide an environment as close to a family life as possible.

A G4S spokesman said: “We have got a very good track record in running children’s homes and have highly experienced people who manage them.”

Only limited internal refurbishment will be done if the plan goes ahead.

A committee date for a decision to be taken on the project has not yet been set.