Firebugs warned they could face jail after three suspected arson attacks in Aylesbury

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A series of suspected arson attacks in Aylesbury could easily have ended in a fatality, the fire service has warned.

Two wheelie bins and a fence were torched in the Quarrendon area in quick succession last night in suspected arson attacks.

A fire crew was first sent to Monmouth Close to put out a wheelie bin blaze at 10.15pm. Nine minutes later they were alerted to a bin on fire in nearby Belgrave Road and then at 10.41pm were told a fence was on fire in Levings Close.

Karen Lock, Bucks Fire and Rescue Service’s arson intelligence officer, said: “As well as being a drain on emergency service resources, these deliberate fires can put lives at risk if they spread to adjoining houses or properties. They can also blight the neighbourhoods they happen in.”

Police and the ambulance service were also called to the area following the fires.

If it can be proved the person who started the fire put lives at risk they could face a prison sentence.

A fire service spokesman said: “We take it very seriously and so do the courts and the police.

“It’s not a lark, it’s a crime which can kill and you can go to prison.”