Fire crews called as 30 tonnes of waste burns near Wendover

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Firefighters have spent the night watching over an unattended bonfire near Wendover after 30 tonnes of green waste was set ablaze.

Aylesbury Vale District Council was originally called about the fire yesterday after someone saw it giving out thick smoke.

Two fire crews and an urban search and rescue bobcat vehicle were dispatched to the scene in Nash Lee End at 4.09pm.

It is believed someone started the fire and then left it unattended.

The last fire crews left the scene at 9.30am today.

Bucks Fire spokesman Fraser Pearson said: “They have not been battling a towering inferno all night, it was just watching to make sure it didn’t misbehave.

“In circumstances such as this we would seek to have a conversation with somebody about a better way of burning waste.

“You should have a plan in place to make sure it is being supervised.”