Fire breaks out at nursing home in early hours

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Firefighters rushed to a nursing home in the early hours of the morning after a fire broke out in a bedroom.

The blaze started in a ground-floor bedroom when a resident at Hulcott Nursing Home got up and left the room. As she did so her blanket fell on an electric heater at the foot of her bed and caught fire.

Three fire crews were sent to the scene at 4.47am this morning but the blaze did not spread outside the bedroom. As a result there was no need to evacuate residents and no one needed treatment for injuries.

There were about 40 people in the two-storey building when the fire broke out. Most of the residents were able to stay in their rooms, avoiding the risk of coming into contact with the smoke while firefighters dealt with the fire.

Firefighters put out the blaze using a hose reel and a dry powder extinguisher.

Crew manager Mark Nursey said: “The most important thing was that no-one came to any harm. The crews dealt with the fire very quickly, and staff did a good job looking after the residents.

“This highlights how important it is to keep heaters away from fabrics and other combustible items.

“If you have a portable heater, it should be at least a metre away from anything that can catch fire. Make sure there’s nothing near it that could fall on to it.”