‘Filmstar Bebe was a local simply doing her shopping’

Bebe in Market Square
Bebe in Market Square

Last week in Back in Time Karl Vaughan asked why silent film star Bebe Daniels was visiting Market Square in Aylesbury during the 1940s – and Herald reader Peter Proctor thinks he has the answer.

Peter, from Aston Clinton, said that during the Second World War Bebe and her film star husband Ben Lyon moved from America to Forty Green near Bledlow.

The 89 year old thinks that Bebe is pictured during a shopping trip to Aylesbury and her presence attracted the attention of scores of fans.

Peter once met beautiful Bebe at her home while working as a 14 year old for Aston Clinton-based Sharp Electricals.

“It was really exciting going to the house,” he said.

“She was a well-to-do person in those days.

“While I was working there a pianist came down and she started practising one of the well known songs from the time.”

Peter Sharp, whose father employed Peter at the electrical firm, added: “Their neighbour was Val Parnall who owned the London Palladium and ran Moss Empires.

“As a child in the 50s one of the most popular radio programmes was ‘Life with the Lyons’ which revolved around them and their children.

“I think it was later a TV series in the 60s.”