Fighting prejudice: Curvature set to shake up Europe

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An Aylesbury-based female-fronted metal band are set to release their first EP after being signed last month.

The five piece, called Curvature, were snapped-up by Dave Smith, of Kidderminster-based Ravenheart Music, which specialises in promoting female-led rock.

He said: “I mainly deal with international bands, so the fact that they were fairly local makes it impressive that they stood out to me.”

Dave, who has around 30 bands on the books, believes Curvature have a ‘mainstream commercial possibility’ and could prove popular on mainland Europe rather than in the UK – which he says is ‘X Factor obsessed’.

He expects the band to tour the continent next year and support his other acts.

Dave said: “I came up with the label idea six years ago because there seemed to be a prejudice against female-fronted rock and metal bands.

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“Things have started to change in the past five or six years but there is still prejudice out there.” Curvature singer Lisa Swatton, 27, of Waddesdon, said: “It means a lot to me to be signed on this label. It feels like a privilege at the end of the day as he didn’t have to give us the opportunity to be signed. It’s very special.”

Band member David Summers expects the EP, called Be(lie)ve, to prove popular when it is released next month.

He said: “Everyone says ‘they’ve got a unique sound’, so what’s our take on it? For a start it’s pure metal, driven by big loud riffs, aggression and power – with a speed bordering on the industrial at times.

“Somewhere in there we find space for big pop hooks and singalong choruses withvocals that aren’t so much ‘layered’ as ‘belted through the middle’.

“Without trying to put together a band like Nightwish or Evanescence we’ve come up with something that’s almost, but not quite, entirely unlike your average female-fronted metal band.”

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