Fifth of Bucks youngsters think there’s a cure for HIV while 19% believe it’s transmitted through kissing: Survey reveals shocking level of ignorance over deadly virus

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A survey of 15-24 year olds in the county has shown that a fifth wrongly believe that there is a cure for HIV, while 19% thought it could be transmitted through kissing, 13% though sharing a public toilet seat and 5% via touching.

Four per cent of respondents did not even know the disease can be spread through unprotected sex.

NHS Buckinghamshire surveyed 172 young people in Bucks ahead of World AIDS Day on Saturday.

Jenny Kent, public health practitioner for NHS Buckinghamshire said: “Whilst it is encouraging that the majority of young people seem to be pretty clued up on the facts about HIV, it is still worrying that there are still a number of young people with misconceptions about the disease, particularly the myth that there is a cure.

“These misconceptions not only fuel stigma about the disease, but endanger people’s wellbeing.”

Throughout December, the Primary Care Trust will be tweeting a fact a day about HIV.

An Aylesbury resident living with HIV will also be tweeting throughout the month, giving a real-time and real-life account of what it is like to live with HIV on a daily basis.

The campaign be followed @NHSBucks.