Few more bumps ahead in Spenser Road before a decision

View - Spenser Road in Aylesbury - showing speed bumps
View - Spenser Road in Aylesbury - showing speed bumps

Bucks County Council is considering whether to permanently remove speed bumps from Spenser Road.

Road resurfacing work is being carried out on the road and 25 people have signed a petition not to reintroduce them.

Lead petitioner Carole Westgate said: “We were delighted to hear the road was going to be resurfaced but surprised they were going to replace the speed bumps afterwards.

“We would rather you didn’t go to the bother of putting them back in. There are occasions we get boy racers but to be frank speed bumps make no difference at all.”

Ms Westgate said the bumps actually caused more damage to law abiding citizen’s cars.

It was noted that some residents in Spenser Road believe the bumps do act as a deterrent to boy racers and that if they were removed neighbouring roads would also need to be considered.

The council has asked the Department for Transport not to immediately put them back in so it can assess whether they are required on the street.