Fears old school site will become a grot spot

The old Aylesbury Vale Academy site in Quarrendon
The old Aylesbury Vale Academy site in Quarrendon
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An old school site is in danger of becoming a hot spot for vandalism and squatters, according to a politician.

Aylesbury Vale Academy has now finished its academic year ahead of a long planned move to the new Berryfields estate in September.

But while the old site in Weedon Road, owned by the county council, will still partially be used for adult and youth learning many of the buildings will have to be secured as there is no plan for them yet.

UKIP leader and district councillor Chris Adams said: “It’s quite disturbing to see. You don’t just come out and then board it all up.

“It’s looking ideal for squatters and vandals to get in even if it is all boarded up.

“It will just turn into the biggest Aylesbury grot spot.”

County council education chief Mike Appleyard moved to allay fears and said no decision has been taken on what it will become as it could not yet be predicted if it may be needed for education purposes in the future.

He said: “There’s no decision because if we sold it the site would probably be used for housing. We have a significant increase in population coming up in the next few years and we don’t want to give away a site to find we need it.

“If the land is left in the current states it would be open for vandalism and all sorts of stuff. But you can be assured it will be secured in one way or another.

“We are going through a process of working through the numbers to see what might be required. We need to take some real care.”

There are plans already to knock down the old 1950s school tower block in October as the building is now considered not suitable for use.

Mr Appleyard said despite the lack of certainty for the future of the site they are considering all their options.

He added that county council expected to be in a position to discuss the future of the site with members in September.