Father to take on mountainous task

Greg Smith with his children
Greg Smith with his children
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A father will climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for sufferers of a blood clotting disease that has affected his five-year-old son.

The cause is close to Greg Smith’s heart as son Callum has suffered from haemophilia since he was born.

Callum, who attends St Joseph’s School, has weaker joints as a result of the condition and can be prone to spontaneous or prolonged bleeding.

Mr Smith, 31, of Thame, said: “It’s tricky, he has got to have injections into his veins every morning.

“It was hard but now it’s everyday life, he thinks it’s normal now. When he was a baby he had to go through a few operations.

“It’s been quite hard on the family but it either makes your or breaks you.

“It’s made us really, it’s made us stronger as a family.”

Mr Smith, a tarpaulin manufacturer worker for Seal Seam, has already raised £2,200 for the Haemophilia Society, with an eventual target of £3,500.

Mr Smith added: “What they have done for Callum is completely unreal.

“My little boy has got through so much, I know I can’t give as much back.

“But I would like to put myself through something a bit dangerous so I can feel something a bit like he’s felt. I want to give something back.”

After trying to identify a challenge to take on, Greg’s wife Jenna suggested climbing Africa’s largest peak.

“It looks a bit gruelling. I don’t know if she truly loves me to be honest, she wants to put me through so much pain,” Mr Smith joked.

“I’m running nearly three miles every other night at the moment and I’m always on my feet at work.

“I’m bricking it to be honest.

“I’m fit enough and the doctors have told me I should smash it as long as I get enough water in me.

“I’ve just got a little bit of a fear of letting my family down.”

Mr Smith has a target of raising the money by November 2 and will take on the climb next February.

You can donate at www.justgiving.com/greg-smith4