Farming Matters: Work stops for new life

Farmer Geoff Brunt looking at a blackbird's nest in his garden
Farmer Geoff Brunt looking at a blackbird's nest in his garden

At this time of year the countryside is full of new life.

Not only are lambs and calves filling the fields, but young birds are nesting in the hedgerows - and often in other places too, as we discovered recently!

Whilst clearing a fallen Alder in our garden a nest of young birds was discovered hidden amongst the leaves.

All work immediately stopped, foiliage was spread across the nest to cover it and we watched to make sure the mother returned to her chicks.

To everyone’s delight, she did, and we are watching carefully each day to ensure all is well.

The mother is doing a great job and the four chicks are growing fast, feathering up and will no doubt soon fly off.

So the fallen tree remains lying across our lawn and will stay there until the young life hidden within its mangled branches decides to take flight.

My husband enjoys watching the birds in our garden and has several feeders hanging from the trees.

Every morning he puts out shredded suet, which is the kidney fat retrieved from our own cattle during the butchering process.

He also gives the birds wheat and barley cleanings from our grain store, and buys peanuts and special birdseed mixture.

In our garden he has identified a multitide of birds including Blue Tits, Blackbirds, Woodpeckers, Magpies, Chaffinches, Long-tailed Tits, Pheasants and Robins.

And we usually get the best views by treating our home as a hide and watching the antics of the birds from inside, through the windows.