Farming Matters: Spring brings newborn life

Texel Mule cross newborn lambs
Texel Mule cross newborn lambs

If the beautiful sunny weather last weekend, and the blooming daffodils, weren’t enough to confirm spring has arrived, then the arrival of our first lambs is an even better indication.

The twins arrived on Monday morning to one of our Texel Mule cross ewes.

They are lovely little white lambs and, fingers crossed, doing well.

Although this is the beginning of an increasingly busy time for my husband, it’s a lovely time of year.

Not only do we have our sheep lambing, but our suckler herd calve during March, too.

So just about every single day from now until the end of the month, and usually into April, we will witness the joy of new life.

When all goes well, the cows and ewes can manage to give birth themselves without any assistance.

But obviously my husband is checking them continually and if he feels they have laboured too long he will help to the degree necessary to ensure a safe delivery for both mum and tot.

Occasionally this will entail a visit from the vet, and sometimes there is a sad outcome.

But most of the time everything goes well and in the summer our fields will be full of frolicking fluffy lambs and gorgeous, chunky calves.

We use a Charolais bull and our cows are descended from a mixture of Charolais, Limousin, Blondes and Shorthorn, so the overall colour of the herd ranges from white to light and dark sandy colours.

When finally let out onto the lush summer grazing in May the herd is a glorious sight, and the calves are so lovely to watch as they jump, skip and race across the fields.