Farming Matters: Kittens, ducks and little tots

Heather Jan Brunt - Farming Matters
Heather Jan Brunt - Farming Matters

Farmers have been diversifying for years. It is often a necessary move in order to keep the farm afloat, or to provide additional employment for family members.

A popular enterprise can be pre-school day nurseries, providing a rural location for little ones to enjoy the benefits of plenty of fresh air and getting close to nature.

Home Farm day nursery in Swanbourne opened six years ago in renovated farm buildings which include a former barn, loft, cart shed and stable.

Manager Carolyn Laird said: “We take the children out as often as we can.

“They do visit the farm and look at the cows, sometimes the pigs and horses.

“We use the location as a selling point when we promote the nursery.

“Parents like the idea of the country atmosphere and the fresh air.”

Although the toys certainly include sit-on tractors Mrs Laird says this is not unique and said: “Two and three year olds love tractors whether they are in a town or a country nursery.”

The four rooms were named with a lot of thought, suitable for the rural location.

Mrs Laird said: “Our Duckling Room is for the babies because ducklings are the animals most like our babies, soft and cuddly.

“The Lamb Room is for 15 months to two years. Lambs are a bit gangly and wobbly when they first start walking.

“Our Kitten Room is for the two to three year olds who are lively just like kittens.

“And the Foal Room is for the three to five year olds, foals being the more stately of the barnyard animals.”

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