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Farmer reading his Farmers Weekly magazine
Farmer reading his Farmers Weekly magazine
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In the early years of our marriage my husband was a regular reader of The Farmers Weekly. I even glanced at it myself as there was a section in the back aimed at farmers’ wives. In fact if truth be told, I studied it more before we were married, as I tried to work out what qualities were required in a farmer’s wife, not that it gave me much confidence, as I didn’t seem to possess any of them.

Then the advent of free magazines grew to such an extent that we were inundated every week with so much material it was impossible to read it all – and believe me, my husband considers it his absolute duty to read everything that is pushed through our letterbox.

So we stopped buying The Farmers Weekly, and instead he reads copious amounts of specialist free magazines about crops, machinery and livestock. And since our son trained him how to use a laptop, he also likes to get his agricultural news from the Internet and watches Countyfile on iPlayer and videos about cows in other countries on YouTube. However, every Christmas, as a special treat, I buy him the festive double issue of Farmers Weekly and pop it into his stocking. His stocking is so small, the magazine and a tube of Smarties is about all I can get into it, and so it serves a very useful purpose. It takes him until mid-January to finish it.