Farming Matters: Farmers join Twitter age

Farmer of the UK Twitter page
Farmer of the UK Twitter page
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For some time now industry leaders have been encouraging farmers to embrace new technology and acknowledge the power of social media.

It’s a long haul and some farmers may never take to it, but many have, and especially young farmers who have been using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for years.

There is an account on Twitter called @FarmersOfTheUK where each week a different UK farmer runs it.

During the week of October 6-12 Long Crendon farmer’s wife Claire Morris will be taking charge.

Claire works with her husband on their 450-acre beef, sheep and arable farm and also operates her own business running an educational lodge. She offers farm- based learning to a range of visitors including schools, special needs and community groups.

And she intends to use her week on @FarmersOfTheUK to talk about her work.

She said: “I’m quite new to Twitter. My own account is @thecollegefarm2 I hadn’t been using Twitter very long when I was hacked so I had to alter my account name and add a 2. It’s more secure now.

“I try to tweet every day. I tend to tweet about what’s going on in the lodge and on the farm.

“Tweeting is very much up to the individual and it’s not for everyone, but for the younger generation social media is part of life, it just is.

“I think we’ve got a good story to tell as farmers. It’s an easy way to talk to fellow farmers and also to engage with the public.

“It enables us to give an extra angle on things and dispel stereotypes.

“It’s instant and you can add a picture, and do it on the hoof.”