Family’s mission after their three cats go missing on the same day

Missing cats George, Bess and Leo
Missing cats George, Bess and Leo

A concerned family are appealing for help to trace three beloved cats who all went missing on the same day - 23 miles from home.

Leo, Bess and George were being looked after in the Wycombe area when they escaped some time between August 15 and 16.

And now Mark Burkitt, from Westcott, his wife Louise and children Lawrence, 14, Isobel, 12, Hebe, 9 and Giles 9 who were on holiday at the time, have launched a full scale search to help bring their pets home.

The family have scoured the area around where the cats broke free for hours at a time, put up posters and informed neighbours about the disappearance.

They have also created a Facebook group entitled Find Three Cats to publicise the search.

Mark said: “Someone saw them very early on, but we are worried that they won’t come us even if they see us because they are afraid we will leave them again.

“My children are devastated and we all just want them home, George goes to bed with my daughter and is so tame that he sleeps on her pillow like a teddy bear.

“We are really upset, we have lost cats on the road before, but this feels so much worse, like a terrible waste because we know they are out there somewhere.”

None of the cats wear collars, but Leo who has short black fur, and Bess who is black with a white bib and paws, are microchipped.

The family believes that their pets would stick together, but that they may now have travelled some distance away.

Louise added: “They are unlikely to approach strangers, but we would appreciate hearing from anyone who may have seem George Bess or Leo as it will help us focus our search efforts.”