Family’s despair at Aylesbury grotspot

Grot spot - The service road between Park Street and Eastern Street in Aylesbury
Grot spot - The service road between Park Street and Eastern Street in Aylesbury
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An Aylesbury family say the ‘abysmal’ state of a grot spot near their home is breaking their hearts.

‘Disgusting’ rubbish including nappies and old clothes has been dumped in the service road between Park Street and Eastern Street for several years, according to nearby resident Jane O’Sullivan.

She and her husband, Michael, cleaned up the area in November, taking two car loads of rubbish to the dump in an attempt to sort out the grot spot.

Since then, inconsiderate dumpers have continued to blight the area and it is now as bad as ever, with vermin adding to the problem.

Mrs O’Sullivan believes it is other residents leaving their rubbish in the street and wants people to show more respect for their community.

She said: “It breaks our hearts to see our area in such an abysmal condition after our efforts and that some residents have such little respect and regard for their environment.

“Rubbish breeds rubbish. Somebody sees something there and they think it’s OK to leave their stuff there.

“The Government talks about the Big Society. What Big Society? It just saddens me that people can do that.

“It depresses us every time we go by it. It’s such an eyesore.”

The road is a private street and so residents have been told it is their responsibility to keep clean, although the district council says the area is under surveillance and an enforcement officer visits the area to check if any waste has been dumped.

Mrs O’Sullivan said: “If they could get rid of the doors and mattresses it might stop people dumping more stuff. Nobody has got responsibility for this road and I think a lot of people are just not bothered.”