Family defend taking their three-year-old daughter sailing on round the world voyage

The Brown family who are setting off to sail round the world for three years
The Brown family who are setting off to sail round the world for three years

A couple who swapped their plush Aylesbury home for a boating trip of a lifetime with their three-year-old daughter have defended their decision.

Kim and Simon Brown sold their six-bedroom Vale Road house and on Monday set sail from Gibraltar to sail around the world on a 56ft Oyster Yacht.

The couple defended their decision to take three-year-old Sienna on the potentially dangerous trip this week after a national newspaper website criticised the move.

Speaking on her blog – which will keep friends and family up to date throughout the three-year-trip – Kim said: “For the most part I think people are genuinely interested, but I can’t help but feel that some of the questions are asked with a tone of condemnation.

“Friends and family can’t say, or don’t have the courage to say, ‘are you crazy – how irresponsible can you get?’

“Of course, I could be way off the mark on this, but I sometimes feel judged when people shout at me, ‘But what about your child?’

“Ironically, I think we’re doing the best thing imaginable for our daughter.

“Not only will we help to educate her through homeschooling, but our family will all be together on an adventure that will enable us to see a massive amount of the amazing world we live in!

And this is not the first unusual story about the family that has made it into the pages of The Bucks Herald.

In 1999 we told how Aylesbury Prison PE teacher Simon took part in a charity prison break event and ended up at the famous Alcatraz prison in San Francisco. 
During the trip he met businesswoman Kim in an Irish bar.

The couple fell in love and got married soon after with Kim moving to Aylesbury.

Kim said: “This is a much bigger boat than we are used to and we are going to places we have never been before.

“We’ve done a week here and a week there before but now we are going to have to be on the boat non stop.”

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