Falcons to be Thame’d?

Will Thame RFC be the new name of Chinnor?
Will Thame RFC be the new name of Chinnor?

THE famous name of Chinnor Rugby Club could soon be changed to ‘Thame RFC’ in a move designed to attract more funding.

News of a possible name change comes after club committee members approached Thame Town Council in the hope of receiving extra support.

But should the council offer a substantial grant to the club, it would be on the condition of a name change.

That could mean the club being renamed ‘Thame RFC’, but other options include ‘Thame and Chinnor RFC’ so the club does not lose its historic roots.

Honorary secretary Carol Bradbrook-Taylor said: “This has come about because when we spoke to the council, the response was that such that they did not feel the club was part of Thame because of the name.

“And so should they come forward with any funding, they would want the name changed to make it feel more a part of the town.”

The name change would only be made official if the funding was offered and a majority of the members voted in favour of the proposal.

Miss Bradbrook-Taylor said: “We are membership-owned and for such a decision to be made it must be voted on at an AGM.”

The club is already based in Thame and has 850 members who live within five miles of the town, making it the biggest club in the area.

But it has come to a point where major investment is needed in order to take the club forward and is the key reason behind the approach to the council.

Miss Bradbrook-Taylor added: “We have taken the club as far as we can using our own resources – we own our land but with 1300 members it has come to the point where we are outgrowing it.

“So we are looking to refurbish the facilities and to try and get more pitches. To do this we are looking for funding from other sources and that is why we are looking to the council for help.”

The money would go towards improving facilities such as the changing rooms and bar. The club would obtain two more pitches, which meets core strategy plans.

The club is also exploring hosting more sports in the summer to get extra revenue.