Experienced tutor aims to reduce teacher drop-out rate

Dr Michele Challenger
Dr Michele Challenger

A maths tutor who was involved in rewriting the transition between O Level and GCSE mathematics is now turning her hand to mentoring teachers as well as students.

Dr Michele Challenger, who lives off the Wendover Road in Aylesbury with husband Gerry, is keen to support fresh-faced newly qualified teachers (NQTs) who may be struggling with the bureaucracy of the modern-day classroom.

She says she was shocked to read a recent article in The Independent which highlighted that 40% of NQTs leave the job within the first year.

Dr Challenger said: “It’s mostly to do with work overload – they have to do so much form filling and checking after each lesson.

“And because they’re having to put so much time into this, it leaves them less time to mark the children’s books. The more teachers we can keep in the classroom, the better it will be for our children.”

Dr Challenger will be reaching out to secondary schools across Aylesbury, Tring and Thame in the coming months in a bid to work out a partnership where she can support their new staff and aid them with the transition from training to real-life teaching.

Dr Challenger – who says she now teaches 50% grammar and comprehensive school students – hopes to mentor them on classroom management, time management and self preservation.

She has garnered a wealth and breadth of experience since qualifying in 1980, before she spent time teaching students in the Yemen and Swaziland.

After that, she went on to teach maths at grammar schools, earned a masters in the psychology of maths and became an A-level statistics marker.

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