Excited Haddenham schoolchildren learn about police work

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Schoolchildren enjoyed an exciting visit from the police at the village library.

Twenty-eight pupils from Year Two at Haddenham Community Infant School enjoyed trying on police hats and checking out the patrol car when two community officers and one police officer met them on Thursday last week.

Each class from the school has visited the library twice each term, to enjoy storytime and meet visitors from the local community who are linked to the books they have been reading.

Year 2 were taken along by their teacher Mrs Rachel Cave to discuss an exciting non-fiction book called ‘Police’.

Reception class teacher Mrs Simary Collins said: “We are having a series of visits to the local library, the children enjoy it very much and we hope to continue doing it because it is so much fun.

“The library wanted to make links to local schools and we thought it was very important too.

“The children came up with the idea to have a story during the visit.”

Mrs Collins said other year groups had enjoyed visits from someone who brought a digger along; and a local farmer who brought his tractor.

There has also been a double decker bus.