Ex-Waterside boss ditches entertainment industry to become town council clerk

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Former Waterside boss Jamie Baskeyfield, who suddenly left the theatre after only a few months in charge, is now working as a clerk for Wallingford Town Council.

Mr Baskeyfield told the Herald it was a ‘nice change of direction’.

He said: “I’ve been in the theatre industry as man and boy.

“I was consciously looking for something different, I was a little weary of the entertainment industry in terms of the hours I was keeping.

“There are similarities between the jobs with property administration, finance and man management.

“And my commute to work is now three minutes in the car dooor to door.

“I’ve landed on my feet, and this is a beautiful town.”

Mr Baskeyfield replaced Elizabeth Adlington as Waterside boss in September and immediately made a good impression, helping to spearhead the Friars rock club revival.

Friars promoter David Stopps said it was a ‘disaster’ when he suddenly left in March and Mrs Adlington took over once more.

While admitting his departure from the Waterside was very sudden he declined to go into the reasons why and said only: “It was a very amicable decision.

“It was a conversation that’s between me and the Ambassador Theatre Group.

“I’m sure the Waterside is in safe hands.”