Estate agent staff give chase after phone stolen from Aylesbury office

Buckingham Street, Aylesbury
Buckingham Street, Aylesbury

Shops have been warned to be on their guard after thieves tried to steal a mobile phone from an estate agent.

Two women went into the Hartwell Partnership in Buckingham Street before apparently making off with an iPhone, which was returned after they were chased down the street by staff.

And police told staff that one other shop has been targeted today in Aylesbury town centre.

Hartwell’s Philip Norgan said: “They came in and they were very shifty.

“I went to find someone and when I came back they made some excuses and left.

“Then a colleague of mine said they could not find their phone.

“Staff gave chase and caught up with them and marched them back to the office.

“One of them got back ahead of everyone else and went to the far side of the lettings desk.

“When everyone got back into the office the phone was under the desk, which isn’t where it had been left.”

Police were called at around 2.45pm today but the women had left before they arrived.

The estate agent wrote on its Facebook page: “Please be careful and watch out for these thieves!”