Espresso kingpin beats off the recession blues

A10 WEEK 43'MCBH'rd'Peter Butler & his Coffee King van in Thame
A10 WEEK 43'MCBH'rd'Peter Butler & his Coffee King van in Thame

A Thame entrepreneur who set up a mobile coffee firm just three years ago has beaten the recession and seen a boom in business.

Coffee King founder Peter Butler has had many successes since opening – and now the firm is ‘coming home’ having won a contract with the Swan Hotel in Thame.

Mr Butler has also sold franchises in Stevenage and Surrey.

He has become well-known in the area and will be appearing at the upcoming Thame Food Festival.

He also worked as a mobile espresso provider at the Paralympic Flame Festival at Stoke Mandeville Stadium.

Since starting out Mr Butler, who lives in Glenham Road, has seen the company’s revenue triple.

“I had a five-year plan, and we’re certainly where we wanted to be, if not doing better,” said the 58 year old.

“I’m really pleased with how we’re getting on.”

The former specialist mechanic retired six years ago, but said he missed working, so started up Coffee King.

“It’s normally anyone’s dream to retire at the age of 52, but when all your friends are at work and your brain’s very much still active, you can get very bored.

“I’d been thinking about setting up a coffee firm for about 20 years, but never got round to it.”

Coffee King trains all its distributors’ staff at a one-day course in Lincoln and even buys beans from a wholesaler who imports beans from Ethiopa, ensuring the utmost quality, he says.