Equivalent to 90 football pitches resurfaced, yearly programme of road treatment works in Bucks nears its end

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Just a handful of roads are outstanding and these will be completed this month ahead of a new road treatment programme for 2013/14, which starts in late April.

When complete, the 2012/13 programme, which started last April, will have resurfaced 178 roads across Buckinghamshire - the equivalent of the length of road from Aylesbury to London twice over, or 90 football pitches.

The investment in the county’s roads of £25 million, announced at the February county council meeting, will pay for the road treatment programme over the next two years. This is in addition to the £30 million spent on the We’re Working On It programme since 2011.

Peter Hardy, Buckinghamshire County Council cabinet member for planning and transportation, said: “I am delighted by the news that once again we are recognising one of Buckinghamshire residents’ top priorities continues to be the condition of the roads. We are listening to this and investing a further, very welcome, minimum investment of £25 million enabling us to continue with this successful programme of works.”

Under the programme county councillors decide which roads will be treated. For 2013/14 each member will be asked to nominate a further five roads in their division that they believe are most in need of repair.

The new programme, to be released in the spring, will be available on the TfB website, and include daily updates on any proposed changes or delays to works. Updates can be followed on Twitter @tfbalerts.