‘The ducks love the boats’: Watermead lake owner hits back over fears

Wildlife at Watermead lake
Wildlife at Watermead lake
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The owner of a popular lake has hit back at suggestions that speedboats are killing the wildlife.

Riviera restaurant owner Hamid Pardis said no birds have been killed on the lake, as had been suggested by Watermead Parish Council.

Swans in the area have now been tagged due to the fears they will flee the area because of the use of boats in the summer.

But Mr Pardis said: “I don’t understand why they are doing this. It’s a boating lake.

“We’ve had boats on that lake for so many years now. I’ve not seen any ducks or swans dying because of the speedboats.

“The ducks love it when the water moves because of the nourishment it gives them.

“It’s a private lake and I’ve got the permission to use it, there’s no limits on the timings for use of boats.”

Mr Pardis sent through an Aylesbury Vale District Council letter which confirmed this.

The lake owner said he had also held discussions with the parish council about leasing or selling the lake to them in the past.

He added: “If the parish council think they can do a better job than me then they can lease it from me. They can lease it for five years to start with and if then everyone is happy then we can make it longer.”

Mr Pardis said the parish had opted out of negotiations with him, though.

The parish council said it met Mr Pardis in 2007. It said: “The reason for the parish council’s considering ownership of the lake was to enable them to enhance the water quality of the lake by completing extensive planting both to the lake margins and within the lake.

“The parish council wishes to reiterate that it values Mr Pardis’s business in Watermead and has no wish to be in constant dispute.

“The parish council would very much like to have a normal neighbourly relationship.”