Hunt goes on for culprits of unsightly town fly-tipping

Rubbish outside Roblin in Aylesbury High Street
Rubbish outside Roblin in Aylesbury High Street

Unidentified fly-tippers are creating an unsightly grot spot in one of Aylesbury’s most prominent locations.

For some time the litter louts have been dumping bin bags full of rubbish outside the former Roblins site in the High Street opposite Vale Park.

Despite the prominence of the location and the consistent nature of the dumping, council litter police appear no closer to discovering the culprits.

As well as being unsightly for visitors going into town, there are concerns the rubbish is attracting vermin and having a negative impact on the nearby restaurants.

The council occasionally removes the bags and when it does looks for clues as to who is behind the mess.

Lynda Tomlins, from Aylesbury Vale District Council’s waste team, said: “When the black bags are collected, they are brought back to our depot where they are searched for evidence as to where they originated. This is done with a view to a prosecution.

“Unfortunately, we have been unable to find evidence that would reasonably indicate the exact source.”

Bags are often left for days on end outside the site without being collected. Ms Tomlins says cleaning the site more regularly would only encourage more dumping.

She said: “It would send a message that this behaviour is acceptable and that the area would be recognised as a refuse dumping and collection point.

“However, we do appreciate that these bags are unsightly and need to be cleared, so we do regularly sweep the area of rubbish sacks.”

The council says dumping rubbish ‘will not be tolerated’.

Anyone who witnesses fly-tipping should report it by calling 01296 585395.