Enjoying 25 years of flying service

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An executive airport car service is celebrating 25 years of ferrying people on their way to and from exotic locations.

M40 Cars, Thame, was started up by father and son team, John and Craig in 1987 because they felt there was a lack of clean taxis with competent drivers and reasonable costs.

After a slow and hard fought start the business began to attract larger companies to their services. However, they were having to borrow money to improve.

Craig said: “Maybe this pushed us to work even harder, we had drivers to pay and they always came before us obviously.”

In 1994 John passed away and Craig was forced to concentrate solely on the business.

He added: “One lesson my father taught me was to work hard and all should be OK.

“I questioned this ethic on many occasions but stuck to it as it had always been the way of life.”

Despite the recession Craig said he is looking forward to the year ahead.

He said: “Many of the business travellers are starting to move around again after a few lean years. Maybe as we come out of recession, people will make up for lost time.”