End near for recycling banks

AVDC recycling bin
AVDC recycling bin

More than 80 recycling banks will be removed in the coming months, saving Aylesbury Vale District Council £30,000 a year.

The banks are closing across the Vale as a result of the council’s revamped collection service from homes which has more than doubled recycling rates.

Residents are no longer taking as many trips to banks and with only a small portion of materials arriving at the sites, they are to be phased out.

But household waste and recycling centres will remain at Aston Clinton, Aylesbury and Buckingham, as well as at many supermarket facilities.

Sir Beville Stanier, cabinet member for environment and health, said: “We are confident that the very low tonnages now collected through the recycling banks will be redirected to either our enhanced household collection service or the community recycling centres.

“Clearly, it is more convenient to separate recyclable waste into bins at home than it is to drive to a collection bank.

“In addition to saving the council money, it will cost residents less money and cut down vehicle emissions.”